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Islamabad, Pakistan

About Company

Offering a link between the Technology Provider and End Users, the Richmond Global Traders (RGT) has provided years of independent and authoritative analysis on an extensive array of defense related equipment to serve armed forces, police and civilian customers including policy and strategy, procurement, logistics, human resources, training, the defense estate and more.
RGT is an international trading firm based in the capital city of Pakistan. We specialize in the provision of equipment to the Pakistan Military and Civilians customers, which is wide ranging from state-of-art by illustrating the latest technological developments, strategies in industry and defense related products.
RGT is engaged in bridging the gap between worlds renowned OEMs such as Ammunition systems, Radars, Aircrafts and Helicopters, Night Vision Systems/Sights, Forward Looking Infrared Imaging Systems, Self-Propelled and Towed Artillery & Air Defense Systems, Missiles & Missile Launching Platforms and Field Shelters for Military Hardware.